We all want to have that perfect high GRE score. Don’t we? Here are 7 awesome tips that will help you achieve exactly that.

High GRE Score

Create a study plan

This is the first and major secret to success in any test or exam including the GRE. This is because proper planning prevents poor performance. To score well in GRE you should draft a realistic reading schedule. You have to commit to that discipline. This study plan should be created and implemented a long time before the test date so that you can have enough time to carefully go through the exam syllabus. Your study plan should be a daily one because you need to constantly refresh your memory while also adding knowledge to yourself daily.

Use multiple GRE resource materials and study guides.

Before you start studying, be sure to do a proper research to know what the recommended study materials are. Using multiple study materials gives you wider access to more knowledge. Each study material usually has its own unique information and so gathering information from various reliable sources not only helps to increase your knowledge capacity, it also helps you learn how to give more detailed and comprehensive answers to questions.

Pay attention to details

This is a core point and it is applicable while studying for the exam and even during the exam too. Every section of the test requires a measure of accuracy and attention to detail especially the verbal reasoning and analytical writing section. This is one of the strengths a candidate can have while taking GRE. Over time it has been recorded that low scores in GRE are results of little mistakes that candidates overlook during the test. Therefore while studying, be sure to pay attention to every detail, even while practicing questions from your study materials too.

Time Management

You need to be very time conscious in your preparation to get a high GRE score. In GRE each question has a specific timeframe. So when you are practicing past questions, try to keep to the allocated time for each question. This will require some discipline on your part but it is certainly worth the effort. It is possible to run out of time before you have been able to attempt all the questions. To avoid this be very diligent and time conscious in your preparation for the exam.

Practice spelling skills

This is very relevant for the verbal reasoning and analytical writing section. Usage of words will be assessed as well as their spellings. If you haven’t practiced well, you can misspell your words easily.  Many students have ignored this part of their GRE study only to face difficulties in the exams.  Learn to practice with as many words as possible. Read up synonyms, antonyms, correct spellings and how to construct tenses properly.

Make reviews

One of the simplest ways to enhance your memory and mastery of a subject is to carry out reviews.  Revision is very important for assimilation and memorisation and it also helps to reveal your strong and weak areas. This is a time-tested and trusted method of making high scores in your GRE.

Be calm and positive

Your psychological state of mind is very important and vital to your scoring well. Make sure you are relaxed and turn off every distraction and disturbance. Be sure to get enough rest and food before the exam.

Go, grab that high GRE score!

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