What is the favourite sport for a young student? This question may draw a wide range of answers, which includes video and internet games. Parents are reluctant to give a high-five for sporting or co-curricular activities. For them it’s a waste of time and not pertaining to a very high-flying career.

Play grounds have been shrinking to XBOXES and PLAYSTATIONS. Instead of physical and mental activities in the field, everything has turned into a virtual mode. Yet, this never caused a great concern for anybody.all-work-and-no-play

But they are oblivious. We can dig bit deeper to know more.

  1. PHYSICAL – This is obvious. One will develop muscle and bone power, physical fitness, boost the energy and more oxygen to the brain. We cannot forget the fact that it fights with obesity and help to get the shape back.
  2. MENTAL –Growing certain attributes are important for a meaningful life. But the apprehension is still on.
  3. Namely these are – Setting Goals, fortifying desire & Inner will, Improved perseverance & Determination, Higher level of competitiveness, Skill to cope with odds, a strong character & Integrity, Decision making abilities and ethical values and the mindset for achieving success.
  4. SOCIAL – Extra or Co Curricular Activities other than studies help everyone not only students to gain a thorough understanding of group dynamics. This means, in order to attain success role of a team is ascertained. A special bond called friendship is developed deeply through co-curricular activities. Social weaving threads are getting endorsed along with societal security. Studies and books are important but the lessons one can get through real life activities cannot be compared with any other experiences gathered from different means.
  5. Let’s help Jack to be on the right track of development.
  6. The all round and well-rounded development of any individual can be achieved only through a comprehensive approach to the life.

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All Study And No Play
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