Anna University, located in Chennai is currently affiliated with more than 400+ colleges spread across the state of Tamilnadu and each year, hundreds of thousands of applicants queue up each year to try and gain admission into Anna University. But gaining admission is just the first step any student takes; given how Anna University prides itself on conducting some of the toughest semester exams, here are a few tips for current Anna University students to help them meet the demands of a streamlined syllabus and on how to handle the semester exams.

During the course of an entire engineering course, all students, whether directly enrolled into Anna University or one of the hundreds of affiliated colleges are supposed to follow the set pattern of syllabus and the same format of examinations. All the papers would be set by the Controller of examinations and if you have enrolled into Anna University, or one of its affiliated colleges, you may want to take notes.

Here’re a few tips designed to help you crack Anna University exams –

Do not mug, understand the concept:
This needs to be emphasized again and again, granted you may find the syllabus as a whole a bit overwhelming but you need to maintain that confidence and try and understand the concepts rather than just flat out mug the lot. And this is why, while the first year consists of basic sciences with one or two basic main course stream subjects, the “Understanding Vs repetition” argument should come into sharp focus from second year onwards.  You would be required to understand the concepts as they apply to your course stream, and even review some of the ancillary subject streams for you would be required to research, develop and complete a project, in your main stream. You can handle this and all the semester exams easily by trying to understand the concept rather than just repeating what the book says on exam day.

Better preparation always counts:

If you’re worried about your upcoming semester exams, don’t – instead focus all your attention on the subject matter whether it is electrical engineering or mechanical, try and learn the concepts and on exam day, be prepared to crack it. Remember to pay special attention to all the rules and formulas for obvious reasons. And always, always practice your engineering diagrams, round the clock rather than just doodling on a piece of paper. And use only blue ink, and do not use any other ink when writing down your answers.

Group discussions are a must:

Preparing for an exam, all on your own is not a cake walk and where engineering semester exams are concerned; you will need all the help you can get. Set up a group discussion with likeminded students, discuss the concepts discussed in class, exchange notes and you would be able to help each other out, when exams roll around the corner.

Why understanding the concept counts:

When it comes to all semester exams, and not just engineering but all subject streams, often the examiners would post “out of portion” questions. These questions are meant to challenge you intellectually and emotionally; if you paid close attention to the above tips and understood the concept, then you should not have any problems in answering any out of portion questions. Good luck with your semester exams and hope you paid attention to the tips listed above.

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