Let us be very clear, we are not questioning your intelligence. We are asking you the straight-forward question; do you think you are fit enough, physically, to take the challenges of study? We are talking about the mounting pressure and stress that you are facing while pursing your higher studies.

So how physically fit you are or your brain?

According to the research of Justin S. Rhodes, a psychology professor at the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology at the University of Illinois, physical and sporting activities makes people smarter.

We all know that the brain, like all muscles and organs is a tissue. Its activities and function decline with the age. At the same time, all of us are prone to lose about one percent of the volume of hippocampus, annually. Hippocampus is a key portion of the brain related to memory and certain types of learning. This will happens when you reach the second half of twenties. Exercise slows down the process of brain’s physical decay, same way it does with muscles.

The old proverb that says a healthy body equals to a healthy mind is a perfect example for students. Exercise or sporting activities enhances the mood and increases the competitiveness. It also endures the body to weather the sleepless nights during the exams and rigorously long classes. During the exercise and sporting activities heart pumps more oxygen to the brain so the brain’s power gets enhanced.

Exercise and sporting activities can give you an increased cortical thickness of the brain. This means one can have increased mental abilities, which lead to the better function of working memory, creativity and multi-tasking.

It’s high time to check your fitness level if you want to excel in your studies and in professional life. Fit yourself with life.

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Are You Fit to Study?
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