Good marks! Better percentage! Better Job! Secured future!

Nobody deny these facts. These are so alluring, so charming and infectious that we tend to embrace them to create our utopian world. Instead of studying and learning the subject we try to photocopy each line of the text books, suggestions, class and coaching centers’ notes then print it as it is in the exam sheets. This method of mugging is helpful to secure good marks. But the question remains. How good one actually is? Sometime, mark sheet won’t portray the abilities of the student.

Students have their own problems. Most of them are trained to jump in the rat race without realizing their true potential. They want to get maximum number with minimum efforts. The only option they are left with is mugging which seems easy.

Initially, mugging ensures good marks. It also establishes the memorizing capacity of the student. This is a commendable achievement.

The amount of data stored in the head of that particular student can be compared to a big warehouse. Moreover, delivering all those data into the answer sheet is like following a chain of commands in the battlefield. So, here comes the second quality discipline.

Muggers have two distinct qualities – Memory power and Discipline.

But there is also a flip side into this. You may achieve a certain level or obtain a particular percentage in examinations but mugging won’t help you to put in the bracket of knowledgeable and intelligent student. Also, there is a chance of memory failure which may cause disaster.

Nonetheless, you may get higher percentage with mugging. But there will be several other students waiting to welcome you in that group following the same rule. So, you have forced yourself into this unwanted competition.

Either you compete or you deal with the consequences.

If you want to shine bright then instead of mugging develop deep understanding of the subject. Keep shining.keep-calm-and-switch-on-maggu-mode

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