Sometime, history creates its own course to remain alive in the future. Baldwin Women’s Methodist College, in Bengaluru (Bangalore) has fascinating history dated two centuries back.
Philanthropist John Baldwin of Berea, USA made education his mission and Baldwin Institute in New York in 1845. . The name “Baldwin” descends from a royal lineage and is of German extraction, meaning “Bold Winner”.

In India, Baldwin Women’s Methodist College (BWMC), Bengaluru was established in 1995 by the Methodist Church in India, and the Chairman of the Board of Governors is the Bishop of the South India Regional Conference.

The Pre-University Course approved by the Karnataka Government comes directly under Education Board of Karnataka State and degree section is affiliated to the Bangalore University and recognized by government of Karnataka.

The canteen
In one word, this place is your life saver. You will always have something to eat that save the famine inside you. This is true for all

The Chapel
The must have for all the students. Yes, you can also have your turn to shake your legs.

The Teachers
Like coconut all the teachers are strict on the outside and soft inside. You need to pick up the right thread at the right time and you are on the winning side. Eventually, the faculty becomes your family
The Ground
The place to relax and chill out and yes this place is free from teachers’ eye.

The Fest
Only intra-college fest is Chrysalis and classes are allowed to stay from the books and compete against each other

Baldwin Women's Methodist College  fest

The Student
Work hard and bunk classes smart. Are you getting the point?

The Trend
As the old saying goes ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ here also don’t judge a first bencher as the calmest one. First benchers are not always the quietest

The Hostel
The hostel is a place of mischief but don’t expect ragging

Sitting on the bike makes ‘adda’ exciting to the core. Have doubts? Ask any girl

The college has a vision for holistic development of a girl with all-round education filled with values.

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Baldwin Women’s Methodist College
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