So you want to beat the GMAT? While there are no secrets to success but here are few things that can definitely help you.

1.Start studying for the exam early enough

Many students fail at the GMAT because they start preparing late. Use a standard book like Princeton Review or Kaplan and get familiar with their GMAT pattern. If you are going to cover the syllabus in the books in sufficient time, how long will it take? Usually, 2-3 months should be okay but you need to know what will work for you especially from how long it took you to study in the past.

2.Make sure you use the right study materials and strategy

Use the GMAT prep books like Kaplan or Princeton Review and avoid getting study materials from the internet. Divide your preparations into the following sections;

  • Basic Math (Q/A)
  • Data Sufficiency (D/S)
  • Sentence Correction (SC)
  • Critical Reasoning (CR)
  • Reading Comprehension (RC)

3.Always double check your answers. In the math section, you have a lot of time available to you with about 41 questions in 75 minutes.

Tips on how to Beat The GMAT

4.Concentrate on Math to score

The Math is a bit easier when compared to the Data Sufficiency but to master it, you need to practice a lot.

5.The verbal section can be a bit tough if you are not concentrating well enough. Use logic and practice often.

6.Participate in online discussion forums so you can build your knowledge of the fundamentals. Use the practice session tests from Princeton review and Kaplan and take a practice test frequently to be sure of how you are progressing.

7.Your most important study resource is the Official Guide. It contains many questions from each section for you to practice on. It contains past questions from old GMAT exams and was prepared by GMAT examiners. Practice these tests daily and be sure to check the answers supplied to each question.

8.When it’s a few days to your test day, make sure you get enough rest and sleep. Get rid of anything that could make you feel emotionally disturbed and most importantly, don’t panic. Rather than doing detailed studying of your texts, go over the past questions and practice tests and try to understand how the questions are being answered. Don’t memorize past test answers. Instead, understand how they are answered correctly.

9.It is very important that you are consistent in your study to beat the GMAT. You can also ask for help for sections that are particularly tough for you. Beating the GMAT is possible, but you have to believe in yourself and practice carefully and meticulously.



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9 Ways to beat the GMAT
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