Bethany High school is one of the best school in Bangalore. Parents are eager to put their children to Bethany High School. So, our INKWIX tries to find out the reasons behind it. We will also look into any grudges that parents might have against the school.

The school is located in the heart of Bangalore, Koramangala. Bethany High school is rendering its duty of teaching more the 2500 students from Nursery to Class Twelve. The school is Affiliated to ICSE and ISC. Since the foundation of the school by Mrs. Mignon David in 1963 Bethany High School served as a hostel for children from Cottons and Baldwins. Students wear colors of the school, which are green and black as their uniforms and abide by school’s the motto “Trust and Obey.”

Bethany High school

Curriculum Details

The school follows the ICSE curriculum up till Class 10.The students have a choice of subjects from Groups II and III. Students can choose any two of Mathematics, Science (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology), Economics or Commercial Studies. From Group III, students can opt for any one subject out of Computer Applications, Commercial Applications, Economic Applications, Art, Drama or Physical Education. Students also have a choice from Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Sanskrit or French as a second language. The academic year begins in June and lasts to March of the following year. For classes 8, 9 and 10, there are two Unit Tests (of 20 marks) and two Term Exams (of 80 marks each). The Class 10 students will appear for the ICSE Board Examinations as their 10th standard finals in March.

For Classes 11 and 12 the school follows ISC. There are three streams a student can opt for; Science, Commerce or Arts (Humanities). The school offers subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Mathematics, Commerce, Accounts, Business Studies, Psychology, Sociology, Fine Arts and Physical Education. The Class 12 students appear for the ISC Board Examinations in March.

Results and Fees

Bethany High School does extremely well in ICSE and ISE. They have a 100% graduation rate.
On the other side, there are complaints from the parents about less sporting and extra curriculum activities. According to some parents, school increases the fee by 10% every year and disclosure of fee structure come to the forefront only after the close of academic admissions of other schools are closed. Some think that the  Bethany junior school fees are really very high. For a class one student fees can be more than a lakh per annum including cabs, uniforms, and books. On the other hand, some parent narrated that extracurricular are enough to maintain an overall growth for the kids. They have also appreciated the balanced approach of all the curricula by the school.

Our overall judgment is if you can afford the fees go for it.

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Bethany High School
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