Not a very new question or option right? We also think in the same line but opted to extend the debate for all the generations spreading all over the world. This is actually a battle between Hard Covered and Idiot Box. Two supporting groups are rooting vociferously in support of their respective titles.
Books or television

Supporters or book lovers have often tried to book the viewers of television as ‘brainless couch potato’ which they find is non bailable offence against intelligence. According to them, most of the television shows are filled with dumb trashes and overdose of emotional melodramas. Books on the other hand can open up new horizons of thoughts and imaginations. Books always give you the time and space to think. Books create the ambience for logical reasoning for a person who loves to form his or her own opinion and we all agree on the fact that ‘opinion matters.’

Televisions are good for overall emotional experience and you can engage yourself much more to the content because of audio-visual representations. People can have the real life experience with the help of televisions. The topics can be as wide as possible, from food, clothes, and places to culture, cinema and songs. The opportunity to learn from televisions is immense and compared to book, television can reach a vast majority of the people around the world. The scope is immense and once can get the message across instantly. Canvassers backing Television are up with all the previously mentioned logic to promote TV viewings.

But there is of course a catch that lies in TV viewings. Television always offers pre-defined imagination to its audiences except for some nature-centric shows or scientific or historical inventions, whereas one book can let your imagination run wild. You can define, redefine, arrange and rearrange your thoughts and imaginations. Book lets you to create your own zone, your own logic and your own identity.

There is endless reasoning from both ends and you have to choose a side depending upon your identity!

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Books or Television?
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