Every School has its uniqueness. INKWIX team analyzed Cambridge Public School an ICSE school based out of Bengaluru.  The school has done consistently well in past few years.  Cambridge Public School approaches the education system with its 360-degree development for students.

Cambridge Public School HSR Sector

It is located in HSR Layout, Sector-2, Bangalore. Cambridge Public School is in collaboration with Pearson Schools, the fastest growing chain of schools in India. This co-educational school is providing a blend of sporting, cultural and artistic activities from Nursery to Grade X. This school is trying to create an environment of vast learning opportunities and a solid foundation from the beginning.

The school offers three points Pearson benefits applicable to students, parents, and teachers in order to create a semblance of learning harmony.

The Higher cost of fees can be a deterrent for some parents. But as per the school, it has almost all the amenities for students. Main teaching language of Cambridge Public School is English. Students can choose either Hindi or Kannada as their second language in their first standard, which they have to continue till class 10th. There is a provision for the students to pick up 3rd language where choices are Hindi, Kannada, and French in the 5th standard, which they have to continue till 8th standard. Each class has more than one section. The classes are not overcrowded with students. This may be the reason that helps the students to score higher marks continuously over the years. You can have a look at our analysis, which might you help you to take the decision.

Parents and ex-students have mixed experiences about this school. Some said this school is ok for learning and studying with lesser extra-curricular activities (despite having provisions/ rooms and fees). Some said few good things too. But everyone says that the fees are on the higher side. There are few complaints from some of the parents.

Overall, this school is good for education if you are going by the results of the students.  You can check out more information on various schools in Bangalore.  You can check out our comparative studies here.

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Cambridge Public School
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