Let’s admit first that we all need motivation at some point of time or other. But what is this motivation all about? Why do we need it all the time specially in the time of crisis? How motivation is going to help? Is there any strategy behind it? Yes, you heard it right; we just used the word ‘strategy.’ Now, is the time to explain to everybody why we have used the word and the answer is hidden in the etymology which is the study of the history of words, their origins, and how their form and meaning have changed over time?

So we will start with etymology of the word – Motivation

The word motivation appeared in written form in 1873, the same year there was also a financial panic in that year followed by a depression. Banks failed, then businesses. People were under the illusion that things were fine until they had to face how fragile reality can be.  So the word motivation originates from the word ‘Motive.’

The word ‘Motive’ was part of Middle-English in the 1300s for that which moves a person to behave a certain way. The Latin word motivus is usually cited as the most likely source, and it dates back even further. It generally is used to mean the same thing – what makes you do something or makes you move.

Here, we are talking about what has power over you, the “thing” that makes you do something, the action that reveals intention.
If motivus (what makes you act) could be the more common understanding for what we mean by a god (what has implications for your behaviour), then we could strip our ideas of the supernatural elements associated with the word and god. We could throw away the assumption of authority that we give to our motivations.

Now you have to decide how much you are going to motivate yourself!

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Do you need motivation often?
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