Success is the best trophy that everybody wants to win. Success hunters are always up in their arms and ready to try every possible trick in their sleeves to achieve it.  This is not restricted to just one country but widely ‘acclaimed’ its way to get the success. One of the major trends that are running among the students all over the globe is ‘Cheating.’

Cheating has its own class. Cheaters do have their codes of conduct and rules.

They are creative, innovative and dedicated to perform the task of cheating. Smart cheaters are always ready to produce newer ways to beat the heat of the examination halls.

You can find them producing cheat notes from sleeves, collar, handkerchiefs, sock, undergarments, micro ear phones, Wi-Fi gadgets, bathroom walls, inside the cistern, on the desk, micro photo copies, inside the jacket, shawls, heels of the shoes, hiring proxy students to give the exams,  looking at another student’s paper in order to steal the answers  and the list goes on.

In every country, there are incidents of cheating in the exams. Schools are finding it difficult to check the tendency of cheating among the students. Full-fledged supports are offered by cheating gangs who are operating in a organized manner.
cheating in exam
In India, the cheating is rampant in some of the states and generally happens all over the country.

According to a report, there are as many as thousands students who were found guilty of plagiarising, taking notes into exams or buying essays on the internet. In UK, almost1,700 students at 20 leading institutions were accused of academic misconducts. Same goes for prestigious Harvard University where students, at least dozens of them breeched the honesty conducts in the year 2012.


Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates must be feeling bad. So, you cannot just say it happens only in India.

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