If you are considering the option of going to a business school, then your GMAT Score is very important. GMAT, also known as Graduate Admissions Test is an exam that business school applicants have to take. It is a standardized exam. Almost all business schools use the score in considering the application of a student. Many students wonder if the GMAT is as important as it is made out to be. Indeed the GMAT has been greatly dreaded and feared by many students. However, it may be that the importance of the GMAT scores has been overly exaggerated over the years with a very little emphasis on the rest of the admission process and all the focus being placed on the scores. Some of the other factors that are considered by business schools in the admission process include;

  1. Recommendations
  2. Essays
  3. Undergraduate GPA
  4. Professional potential
  5. Personal characteristics.

The GMAT score is one of the components used to assess a student’s academic potential. Many schools, therefore, use a combination of all these factors to make their admission decisions.

How important is Gmat Score?
How important is my Score?

Over the past few years, however, there has been a rise in GMAT scores with very high average scores in top ranking universities in the United States Of America.

If you want to study a highly competitive course in a top ranking business school then you must be ready to get high scores in your GMAT. You need to make sure that your GMAT Score falls very close to the overall GMAT averages in the top universities. If you are coming from a more competitive applicant pool such as Indian male, White male, and Asian male, you need to make sure that your scores fall above the top school’s listed average. For a non-native student, very high GMAT scores will help you stand out in the midst of the rising scores.

If your course of study is not as competitive and you have no plans of attending a top-ranked university, then your GMAT scores do not need to be as high as the above. It is, therefore, most important to know your academic strengths, your talents and your aptitude as this could save you a lot of agonizingly long hours of studying and preparing for the GMAT.

It is also important that you sort out all the other factors that affect your admission process like essays, recommendations and undergraduate GPA’s as these go a long way in ensuring that your admission process is holistic and well rounded.


The total GMAT score report combines your Quantitative and Verbal scores.


  1. Quantitative Score (0-60) with percentile
  2. Verbal Score (0-60), with percentile
  3. Total GMAT Score (200-800) with percentile
  4. AWA Score ( half integers from 0-6) with percentile
  5. Integrated Reasoning score ( integer from 1-8)

The GMAT score report is available immediately you finish taking your test. But the AWA requires a human grader to review it. That takes about 20 days. The AWA is released with your total GMAT score.


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GMAT Score, how important is it for admission ?
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