Woman holds the tremendous power to change the world with her education, love, intelligence and knowledge. Smt Sarala Dey understood these facts years ago, which prompted her to establish Gokhale Memorial Girls’ school in the year 1920 in 20th April.


Located near SSKM hospital in Kolkata, this school is affiliated to CBSE  is a girls Senior Secondary institution with 42 smart classes under Gokhale Memorial Girls School and College Association.



You can expect an on-demand off from the teacher if you are not ready to enjoy your class. Teachers do agree sometimes but only on one condition – Chatting without shouting. So, you can at least have a break inside the class and keep your gossips going!  Remember one thing, during this time teacher will remain inside the class, so it’s better to be mindful with words!

2.Special Words

Some of the teachers have their special way of scolding people and that become the trademark styles. Years after years students enjoyed the same words or actions with loads of laugh (of course after the class or outside the school). These teachers are famous among the students only for their activities!


Gokhale is a heaven for foodies and you just can’t resist the awesome ‘phuchkas.’ Like ‘old man and the sea’ students love the ‘old’ phuchkawala with his phuchkas (the irresistible mouth-watering tiny round fried ball filled mashed potato with tamarind water mixed with other spices). This, you cannot enjoy it alone and students follow this rule religiously as the flocked around the old man in groups. Remember, everybody has their own special demand for the filing so it takes longer than usual to complete one round. Usually, students take the note of number of phuchkas they are gorging in as old man finds it difficult to follow the count.


4.More Food More Share

Sharing lunches together during the lunch-break is almost a norm. This is just about the fun-unlimited and grubbing unlimited. This means girls enjoys their lunches without thinking too much of calories

Girls can create ‘sound’ attack and this is quite true for the students in Gokhale. There are incidents where howling and growling sounds of a tiger (or tigress) can come out in the open from the back benchers but teachers always finds it difficult to pinpoint the culprit! Again it is fun –unlimited


Gokhale celebrates its annual fest ‘Anada Mela’ and Sports Day in different days but same zeal and vigour but except the guardians there is hardly a chance for the outsider to get a glimpse of it

Some more

Adventure outside the school is always the excursion which is applicable to all classes. If you want to enjoy the fun outside the city limits and love to experience the activities of ‘gangs of girls’ then join the excursion


This school is proud of its values , tradition and woman power built over the years  which is the ‘spirit of Gokhale Memorial’ and follows the words of its founder Smt Sarala Ray, “ In this world the value of human life does not lie in passing one & trades degree with honour, but conducting one’s self with honour and grace.”



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