This million dollar question is yet to get the perfect answer. Brain or no brain this is surely a brainer.  You can be calculative, can go for a last minute grub or spend most of the hours or you can burn the midnight lamp. But what is the perfect solution?

There is actually no recipe for perfect duration of your study hours.  You can always get the contradictory reports and suggestions from various experts. Some will say that the early mornings, which has renewed energy due to a good night sleep. During morning, most people are approachable like your teachers, friends and other resources. Natural light is less strenuous and good for eyes is another good reason.

Night owls have their own reasons to support their study time. Nights are much calmer, which they find is very helpful to keep their concentrations.

Calculating the hours to get desired success depends on a few factors like – type of student you are, difficulties of the subjects, quality of classes and lab, the ability of memorising the texts, techniques  for smooth study etc.
Normal students looking for higher ranks in exams need to put more efforts and hours than the above average geniuses.
Depending on the difficulties of the subject one can follow the below mentioned chart to get better results –

High Difficulty = 4hours of study

Medium Difficulty = 3hours of study

Low Difficulty = 2 hour of study

This is a general guideline and one can readjust the time as per their reading speed and time needed to grasp the core understanding of the subjects.

time to study

It is always better to follow a self-guidelines to make things easier for you such as –

  • Writing down a detailed study schedule
  • Prioritizing  assignments
  • Avoiding temptations
  • Create or search a  productive study environment
  • Keep yourself organized

Success always needs sincere efforts.  If you can give it then you can have it on your side and stride.

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How Much Study Is Enough?
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