That time of the year is here again. The competitive exams after class 12 that is going to shape thousands of Kids future is here.

Here are some last moment tips for these exams

1. Don’t Panic

This is just an Exam and the world will always give you another chance. Please don’t panic. Studies shows that panicking will lower your performance

2. Revise

For last two years you are learning so many new concepts, you are learning a lot. It is time to go back to your learnt things and revise everything you have learnt by now

3. Practice

You have learnt theory for last 2 years. Now it is time practice the numerical and test your concepts. Grab the old question papers and any other source you can and practice. Make sure that you just don’t practice very tough questions. I know they are fun , but not now.

4. BE choosy

If you are learning something new, you have to extremely careful now, how much that is gonna pay you off. You yourself needs to calculate a ration between amount of time you put in learning a new concept and how much marks you can get from there

5. Know your strengths and weakness

You should know your strong points and in exam attempt those questions. You should brass up your weakness too . But as I said earlier, don’t try to hard with just few months left.

6. Attempt Inorganic Chemistry

Here is the tricky thing. A lot of smart people avoid inorganic chemistry like crazy because it is mostly mugging up. But it is one of the fastest and easiest way to score. You can answer 6 inorganic problems by the time you solve  single problem of other subjects.  So always attempt inorganic first.

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How to prepare last minute for IIT JEE and other entrance exams
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