Essence of writing comes from the attachment. Attachments are essential for every piece of writing. Words, meaning, style, topics and writing instruments are an integral part of attachments that produce the essential, which is writing. Writing over the years has changed so its attachments. From papyrus, paper to .DOC files and from feather, woodcut pen to keyboard we have travelled a lot. But do we feel the same attachment while writing? Do we strike the same passion chord while describing while narrating the situation? Do we now prefer punching the words and lines with the help of keyboard instead of inscribing it with the pen?


Let’s take a simple example why writing with pen is way better than the typing in the keyboard! In case of pen you just grip it with your fingers and to be honest with your soul. Fingers are closely attached and focussed and every line comes out flowing from the nib is the exhilarating expression of your own style.  You create an impact by making a stylish statement which has the name of ‘Handwriting’. Even if you have a worst handwriting you can claim it as your own and we all know the popular claims about doctor’s handwriting.  According to some doctor’s handwriting is only aimed at the chemist. Chemist is the only one who possesses the miracle power of understanding doctor’s handwriting. Well, that’s also a style.


On the other hand typing with the help of keyboard on writing software is like remaking everything over and over again. Everything here is predefined- fonts, colours, letter size, style everything. You just have to choose the one (well someone from the other part the world may choose the same style as yours and you just can’t avoid that). Moreover you tend to lose the grip over the language and the spelling.  You don’t have t remember anything as software will provide suggestions for every spelling and possible words, which mean, you are actually losing your brain power and your own abilities. Fingers are also scattered and spread means bonding are not that strong. So, your writings are not closely attached with you.

You are actually separating your ‘self’ from you. Do you still think keyboard is your only writing open not the pen?


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How writing on paper is still good than typing on keyboard?
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