What is  analytics and what would be the use analytics in real life? It is not a tool or not at least––– a technology to use them regularly.

On a philosophical note, you need to travel in your life who thinks about you and assists you in the difficult times. There you are. Analytics are the one who assists you to solve your problems in day-to-day life. Analytics it a way of thinking and acting and hence it is different from a tool or technology.

Now, let us consider an example where analytics is needed.

For example, you need to buy a brand new mobile. Regardless of your budget, you will find many options in the market to choose the good product and you need to choose the best one that fits your need. Here you need the analytics.

To differentiate the various mobiles you have to consider their features like its operating system, capability of battery etc.

Android vs. iOS vs. Windows phone.

Irrespective of the operating system, the capacity of the battery will be same. Now, coming to the OS, the above mentioned operating systems are unique from each other right from. Android is most widely used operating system. Windows phone is used mostly by the users of Nokia as and iOS is used by the users of Apple.

The first thing you need to solve this information kind of puzzle. You have to think which one is really important to you! If you have the experience of using android apps which are probably applicable for any kind of mobile, then you must prefer an android supportive mobile.

If you are familiar with the products of Apple like iMac, iPod, iPad, then you must prefer iPhone which supports iOS. This is the most unique operating system. The apps that available in this OS are released with patent rights of them.

Windows phone is the product of Microsoft. Windows phone is new into the market of smart phones when compared the iOS and Android, but still the features that are available in Windows phone are different from the remaining operating systems.

This is an example on how analytics approach in solving a real life problem. Importantly a major problem is broken into small problem and then a clear analysis of the situation will be done and will help in moving forward and taking a final decision. This is how analytics work in real life problems.

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Importance of Analytics in daily life

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