Soumyasmita is a KVPY scholar in biology.  She talks about her KVPY experience, you can follow her on twitter here


1.  When did you get KVPY?
2. How did you get to know about it?
My friend told me about it; guess there was an ad in a national daily 

3. How did you prepare for the exam ?
Honestly I didn’t prepare specifically though I guess practicing some basic aptitude tests might not be a bad idea.

4.  How did you prepare for the interview?
Well it was my first real “interview”. I was definitely nervous about it. For the interview, I focused more to have a kind of clear idea on what      area of science really interests me and why so. I did some general reading and might have brushed my basics at max.

5. How was the overall experience?
The experience of being a KVPY scholar has been really awesome- starting from the day I received my selection letter to the get together and     five day camp in IISc Bangalore…. It was really a great exposure… Hearing from science big wigs at that stage was fun and inspirational           too. Interacting with the scientists and fellow scholars was one of the best things ever. And then the scholarship opened doors to all the             research institutes of India – that was the best thing any science lover/enthusiast could ask for . 

6.  What benefits did you get out of it?
Benefits – interaction with scientists, exposure and entry to research institutes for projects, best introduction for a undergrad who got the            privilege to call herself a KVPY scholar, and lots of lovely friends some of who stayed on as best buddies.
7.  Any such scholarship?
Some of my friends got NTSE scholarship and some qualified for INSPIRE and DAAD. 

8. Is there anything you want to add?
Learning is beautiful. If you really love what you do and study what you love, anything is possible. Be it sciences or the arts, don’t do what          your parents or society instructs you to…do what makes you happy what keeps you awake. Do what doesn’t bore you…take risks…live a      life you would want to look back at and smile not one that might make you repent later “why didn’t I take a shot at it”. 🙂

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