Learning is a tricky word. One needs to deal with this particular piece of word very carefully. Frankly speaking, we all are learning all the time. Every passing moment is a learning experience and you just cannot overlook the importance of learning from life.  We all know the old cliché – Life is a great teacher.

We actually prefer learning over teaching. Learning has a self-realisation, which makes people think more intensely and rationally. No curated course or study material can give complete freedom of learning. Learning has to be open and free. Learning always be like an air with no tabooed tag attached to it. There is always a space for learning.  First and most important tips is – Unlearn to learn.

Text books and study materials can give you a concise idea about the subject but never unfurl the complete picture. It needs a will to see beyond the horizon, it needs a mind that is full of enthusiasm and inquisitiveness to cross the wall and breach the boundaries set by study materials.

Nothing is unimportant in learning, if you are learning physics you can always catch up with fairy tales or rains. Set a date with sunrise at seashore and make few friends with chirping birds and waves. Learn their survival tricks. Pick up, not one but several hobbies and expand your mind. Even Einstein has his way to violin and piano. Read cartoon books then watch it and see the transition on your own. Let your imagination bloom with science fiction books and stories. Let’s not bind ourselves within the sphere of study materials and feel the noose of performance pressure.

Course materials can give you only a basic idea and sharing same notes can aggravate the mediocrity minds. One and only way out is get out of the syllabus and learn from everything.

Education Beyond study material

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Learning beyond study materials
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