We have watched them. We loved them. We glued to their actions.  We never missed a chance to have them with us. Cartoons! How can we ever forget them?  They took us to a different level when we were kids. At that time, we were in our best elements – imagination, adventure, fun and joy. We had them all. But learning from cartoons? Aren’t we going too far? “Are you serious?’ You may ask.

Yes.  We at INKWIX do think that we can learn a lot from cartoons. Let’s start with one of our previous article. Here, you can actually get an idea about Uncle Scrooge’s wealth. Read it here – http://blog.inkwix.com/how-much-money-does-uncle-scrooge-own/

So, what else can we learn from cartoon characters? Before that, ask yourself and your child which character gathers most love and affection? Have an inquisitive mind.  Dive deep to fathom and learn from cartoons. We have some from our side – Calvin and Hobbes – How a child thinks? How can parents deal with the problems of their children? How imagination helps children to think and solve their problems. Calvin and Hobbes Inkwix Tintin –Learn about the world’s culture, science, geography and adventure. It also tells you about the honesty and bravery that surround the life of a reporter. Chota Bheem – The Indian way of dealing problems in life. Staying true to the paths of honesty can lead you to the winning path. Dennis the Menace – Being naughty is not a bad thing at all as it gives you the chance to explore new avenues.  You can have an honest yet impromptu answer at the time of trouble. This makes you smart enough to deal with future troubles and the high level of intelligence that can come handy in every situation. Want to know more? Watch cartoons with your child.  

Without Fear : Life And Trial Of Bhagat Singh


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Learning from Cartoons
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