We are always travelling.  Sometime it’s the journey of life and sometime its mind travel. But let’s not get philosophical. We don’t have any intention plan to make you a philosopher.  We do believe that you learn a lot through travelling.  Be it planned or unplanned.

Learning through travelling

Planned travel will teach you to become more organized person and helps to maintain your focus. Dealing with nuances of budgeting, booking, route planning, schedule maintaining and food arrangements will give all the necessary lessons that you can very well apply to life and your career planning.

Take one planned trip to anywhere in the world. It can be within the country or outside of it. Just plan it by yourself. Once you complete the tour you will feel the difference.  If your planning is successful then you will gain the confidence. This earned confidence will be enough to plan your study and career. If it fails somehow then also you will know the reasons. Either way you will learn a lot.

On the other hand if you are not into the one who loves planning and not the typically organized fellow then feel the sudden rush of adrenaline.  Pack your backpack and just head for the direction you want to go.  Prepare your mind and body to face any type of unexpected situation.

You may not have the budget, the transport or the roof under the sky during the journey. But you can overcome these odds just by holding onto your wishes and confidence.  You need to make smarter moves and impromptu decisions to make things happen for you. This will obviously cater more for your favor in the future.

Beside meeting new people and teasing your taste buds with newer dishes you will also get to know the diversity of this world.  Earth is a big learning school and if you want to become one successful alumnus then you must travel.

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Learning through Travelling
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