Admit it, we actually want both. Do you think you can earn both of them? What actually you are looking for? You want love to take your side and match your stride. Simultaneously, you want money to flow like a gushing river eager to meet your requirements.

But we are not talking about your lady love or targeting your purse. We are happy to remind you that there is a difference between subject you love to study and the subject you choose to study.  Because the later may promise you a fat pay package but the former can give you something completely different.


We agree that sound bank balance always balances financial future but does that mean you have secured everything? Most probably, you are not. You are going with the flow and studying the trend. Means, you only plan future course of academic career by looking at the job market.  You tend to pick up your subject not for the love of it but for the huge amount of money it can fetch.

Money-centric career planning often leads to severe boredom, anxiety, loneliness, frustration and disgust. Your fat pay cheque cannot balance your personal and career imbalances.

Whereas, if you go by the choice of your love. You will never be short of energy and enthusiasm.  The subject you love will return your love with interest. This is possible because of the fact that you can’t fake your interest. We may recall the famous quote of Steve Jobs here, “the only way to do great works is to love what you do’”.

Long term personal happiness and sense of achievements are not always based on income.  The subject of your choice is far more beneficial and reasonable for you to bloom. Ultimately, you will be doing your dream job and the satisfaction is unlimited.

Just one word of caution: don’t confuse your hobby with your career prospect.

Life is What You Make it

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Money or Love?
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