Education holds an interesting facet and that facet has two angles. First one is orthodox, systematic approach, which includes degrees, certificates and high-flying careers at the job market. The other one is rebel in nature. This rebel side is always in hunt for the untraded paths, seeking and digesting knowledge rather than mugging, it cherishes the unknown, ready to solve the mysteries and eager to bust the myths.

Not so educated

You will surely find numerous educators, teachers, scientists, writers, historians, corporate honchos in the top brackets of conventional side of the education. But the other side also has special elements to offer.  People, who are tagged ‘not so educated’ by the conventionalists, actually scores higher than who adopted this method.

These rebellions represent the change. They include- Billionaire, Astronauts, Scientists, Poets, Authors, Politicians, Entrepreneurs, Actors, Nobel laureates and Journalists. They have weathered the difficulties and created their own set of rules to get the success.

Let’s start with Jose Saramago, who abandoned his baccalaureate and began to study mechanics to repair cars. Eventually, he won the Noble prize for literature in the year 1998. Incidentally, writing was his only way to survival.  English artist and poet William Blake, who was initially took lessons from his mother and ultimately read subjects of his own preferences. The same story was repeated with Maxim Gorky and Ernest Hemmingway who were self-taught writers with acclaimed fame. There are innumerable instances but the name Shakespeare beats them all as he was never got any University degree.

Management degrees were not important to John D. Rockefeller and Dhirbhai Ambani but they have built their own Kingdoms. We are not forgetting Henry Ford by any means.  Then there were Winston Churchill,  former Prime Minister of UK and host of filmmakers like – e Luis Bunuel, Orson Welles, Stanley Kubrick, John Huston, Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, Quentin Tarantino, David Fincher, Steven Soderbergh, Christopher Nolan, James Cameron and Steven Spielberg.

Education got a different definition when ‘Wizard of the Menlo Park,’ Thomas Alva Edison patented 1093 of his inventions. He was taught primarily by his mother thus no schooling, no universities and no degrees.

We are not even considering Steve Jobs and Bill Gates here who at least attended the prestigious institution.

This list big enough and cannot be restricted in just one article. So, it’s time to think and look at the education from e different perspective. If you are ready to accept the challenge then only you can make the difference.

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Not So Educated?!
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