National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is a national-level scholarship program in the Indian Union to identify and recognize students with high intellect and academic talent. It is one of the most prestigious exams in India. Close to 300,000 students (a largely self selective group of students) appear in this scholarship exam every year, and 1,000 scholarships are awarded, out of which 775 are not reserved.

We got Shardool to talk about his experince with the exam. He is an engineer from BITS and currently pursuing his MBA.

1. When did you get NTSE?
Ans- Qualified the Exam in 2007 during my class Xth.
2. How did you get to know about it?
Ans- Had cousins who had previously qualified this exam. Also the school I was in encouraged students to participate in such exams

3. How did you prepare for the exam ?
Ans- For Scholastic Aptitude Test, I just read my course books of school. And for practice there was a book by Tata McGraw Hill for NTSE. For Mental Aptitude test had a lot of practice through giving such type of tests like National Science Olympiad and similar exams. Tata McGraw Hill for practice.
4. How was the overall experience?
Ans- The overall experience was very good, Although I have to admit wasn’t very serious about this exam, but was lucky to get through.
5.what benefits did you get out of it?
Ans- Apart from the scholarship provided by NCERT, you get scholarships for coaching for your competitve exams. Its also a good point to state on your CV for placements further in your career.
6. Any such scholarship?
Ans- Nope.
7.any gyan?
Ans- When you read your course books just pay some attention to it, the test being objective, if you have read it somewhere the answer would definitely click. Don’t get too nervous during your interview, they mostly judge your confidence level and a bit of knowledge about the subjects.

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