Planning Patience?  You must be thinking we have lost our senses! Yes, we are asking you to do that and we are not encouraged by the movie ‘Anger Management.’ Wrong again, we are going to show how to plan your patience.

Patience It intensifies at the time when exam is knocking on the door.  That’s exactly the moment you curse yourself and lose your patience.


So, what you are going to do?

  1. Do not put your study schedule on fast track:  This means you are stretching yourself too much. Avoid jam-packed multi tasking study schedule just before the exam.
  1. Pinpoint the subjects that give you sleepless nights:  Plan a slow but steady approach. Find the subject that irritates you most.  Allot specific hours to it and try to figure the fun within. It works.
  1. Exercise:  Yes, it gives you the much needed relief and helps you to sharpen the mind. So, get yourself out in the field and sweat it out with mates. Make yourself competitive. Success needs that from you – Competitive Attitude.
  1. Set your own Time of Study and maintain it: You don’t have to follow others. Make your own time for study. If you are comfortable at night then plan accordingly and if it is early morning then do it that way.
  1. Do not think too much: Avoid over thinking as it won’t help you with any solution. Try to relax yourself and concentrate.
  1. Do not go for quick-fix solution: Short cuts never help in the long run. If you are not the organized type then just take notes on e piece of paper and keep it with you. This will help you to plan and more control over your anxiety. Just don’t lose the paper.
  1. Get your winning Confidence back: If you are confident about the outcome you have no reason to lose your patience. So, prepare yourself enough to approach the success with confidence.
  1. Be Prepared:  Invent your own checklist. Do it your way. Success will be yours.

Patience is the best ammunition to win any tough battle in life. Be it examination or career. So plan your patience well.

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Plan Your Patience
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