Shall you retake GMAT?

Many students often feel very discouraged about their GMAT scores. Considering the time and effort it takes to prepare for this exam, many students wonder if they should even bother taking it again after previous attempts. You may also be wondering if you should retake the GMAT. These five questions will guide you in your decision


1.If you want to take the GMAT again, will you be doing anything differently? If you intend to study and practice for the exam the exact same way you did before, then you need to have a rethink. However, if you are planning on making changes to your study pattern and schedule, then yes, you should certainly consider taking the exam again.

2.Were you emotionally and psychologically balanced during your previous attempts? Did you suffer a heartbreak before taking the test or did you loose a loved one? Were you sick? Did you get enough rest before taking the exams? You want to ensure that this time around if you are taking the exams again, you are emotionally and psychologically balanced.

3.Should you do the GRE instead? Many students fare better with the GRE compared to GMAT. More and more schools are also accepting the GRE together with the GMAT. Check the requirements for your school of choice to see if the GRE is acceptable.

4.Do you really need a higher score for your school of choice? Unless your school of choice is a top ranking school, you may not need to have such a high score. Different schools have different average scores,Student confused about Retaking GMAT so try to find out what the average score is for your school of choice.

5. Do you have enough time to make a significant effort before the next exam? If you want to retake Gmat, then you need to put in significant effort. Do you have enough time left for that?


If you answered the above questions correctly, then you should take the GMAT exam again.

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Should you retake GMAT?
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