Every day we make thousands of decisions. Making decisions is sometimes very intuitive to us. But really how do we make decisions? We decide something’s based on already existing information.  We question the information.We analyse the output of the questions and then take our decisions.


The process of decision making

If we have enough information and analyse them in a right way then we can solve any problem or at least know if they are solvable or not.

Getting information is not tough  with the rise of internet. But current world  is overload of information. If we search for particular product, there will be thousands of on-line sites analysing them  with their biased opinions. Then you will have thousands of comments on those sites that will try to agree or disagree with the original article.

It becomes really tough for a consumer to decide and know the right information because mostly information is subjective and subjective information tends to be biased.

That’s exactly why asking the right objective question is very necessary.    Being objective will eliminate the bias to some extent.
Once we have proper clear unbiased objective information, we can decide which information are important to us based on our past experience and choose some key metric.

Now depending the on the values of the key metrics we can take our final calls.

The process of decision making is really simple once it is explained.   In our subsequent posts we will try to go deeper in this subject.

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The Process of Decision making
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