There are a lot of public sector banks in India that offer various posts in the Banking sector to candidates. Bank Probationary officer is one such post for which a large number of candidates apply and desire to qualify. For this, the aspirants need to pass first a PRELIMINARY exam and after qualifying the preliminary, you have to give the MAINS. The candidates qualifying the mains will be shortlisted for a personal interview round.

Let us look at some tips to crack Bank PO Exam:

1] Identify your weakness and strengths:

This exam is not easy and requires time management and accuracy. So, you as a candidate should know your strengths and weakness. You can work on your weakness and sharpen your strengths.

2] Plan:

It is very important to know the importance of planning for any exam. The pattern is such that the candidates need to get cutoff marks in each section to qualify for the exam. So, candidates must plan properly and give equal importance to each section. They should know in which section they are weak and in which section they are strong and plan their study time accordingly. Their study time table must include more time for weaker subjects. Also, they should regularly take mock tests to test their knowledge, speed and accuracy.

3] Strategies to crack the Exam:

While undergoing the exam, candidates should keep certain things in mind. They must first solve those sections which they can easily perform, that is, that section about which the candidate is confident, this can give them more time to solve tougher sections. They should not dwell on those question that they are not able to solve, and must immediately leave that question. The candidates should allot fixed time for each section. As there is negative marking, make sure to answer only if you are 100% confident.

4] Capabilities required to pass PO exam:

You will need following skills to qualify for the exam

Fast calculation: This enables the candidates to solve the sections fast and that to accurately. For this, the candidates can learn tables, square values and cube values.

General awareness: Keeping yourself updated about the current happening in the worlds can help the candidates to score more in the general awareness section. This can be achieved by reading newspaper, magazines and watching news.

English: Most candidates struggle with this section. But a candidate can score maximum marks in this section. Reading English newspapers and magazines, watching news in English and learning new words to improve vocabulary can greatly help a candidate to score marks in this section.

There is no short cut to qualify in this exam. Only commitment, dedication and hard work can help to qualify for bank PO Exam.

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Tips for Bank PO Exam
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