Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) is an Indian Institute that aims at human enhancement through personal assessment. The IBPS Exam is taken by those aspirants that wish employment in public sector. First, the candidates are supposed to give an online exam and after qualifying the exam the candidates are shortlisted for the interview.

Passing this exam provides abundant job opportunities to the people and is quite popular as it offers attractive salaries. Let us look at some important tips for IBPS exam preparation.

Know how must time you have for each section and plan it accordingly:

  • Candidate needs to pass each section with a cut off marks to be qualified. Therefore it is very important to know how marks are allotted for each section and how must time do you have for each section. For example, for IBPS exam you have to solve 100 question of 100 marks in 60 minutes. So, it is very important to allocate your time to each section.
  • The reasoning section is usually more time consuming, so try to solve only those questions that you can solve without wasting any time.
  • As Quantitative Aptitude section can be considered as the most time consuming and difficult, it is advisable to attempt this section at the end.
  • Time management in the English section can greatly depend on your command over the language. If you are proficient in English you will be able to solve this section very quickly and efficiently.


  • It is important you select an accurate answer. In Quantitative aptitude, you must be 100% accurate before you select your answer. Even one wrong answer may lower your score.
  • In English, even if you are 50% sure of an answer, you will be able to eliminate some incorrect answers. In English, you can start with reading comprehension as it has the highest accuracy. Also, English section can be considered as the section where you can score highest sectional marks.
  • In the reasoning section, aim to solve only the question of which you are 100% accurate.


  • You must be able to strike a balance between speed and accuracy. Increasing your speed must not affect your accuracy. Speed also depends upon your preparation. For example, if you have prepared nicely and you have memorize squares, cubes and tables, you can save a lot of time in calculations thus greatly increasing your speed.

Mock test:

  • Solve as many mock test as you can as this will prepare you and you will find out in which section or topic you can score well and in which section you need more preparation.

Keep yourself Updated:

  • Keeping yourself updated will help you in your general awareness section. For this regularly read newspapers and magazines. Reading will not only keep you updated but will also improve your English.
  • Reading will not only help you in increasing your general knowledge, but will also help you prepare for the English section.

These are in general some tips to crack IBPS exam.


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Tips for IBPS Exam
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