“All study and no play makes Jack a Dull boy,” this old statement is true in its every sense. Even our brain won’t allow us to study all the time and without any interference. Sometime, interference or distraction helps a lot to overcome odds. Distraction like hobby is actually multiplying the positive effects in anybody’s life and more so if you are a student.

Once you pick a hobby that interests you most then rest assured your life is soon going to change for better. There is a long list of hobbies that one can find interesting, amusing, intriguing and integrating. Hobbies can define the personality type also and that can be really interesting. So, how can one pick a hobby? There are so many things to choose from and one really finds it hard to decide which one is the best?

List of hobbies is really long  like – stamp collection, coin collection, postcard, souvenir, cinema ticket, boarding pass, idol, key chain, cars, toys to almost everything under the sun. Each item collected is the piece of pride for the owner. Then there is gardening, drawing, crafting, reading, cooking, crosswords, Sudoku and many many more. One article is really a less space to talk about hobbies.


But students can develop –concentration, passion, patience, knowledge building process, discipline and goal setting habit.  These are really important for any student to create the roadmap of success. Hobbies also give every student much-needed spaces to release all the tension and stress. Life of today’s student as we all know is full of stress and unlimited pressure. One hobby can change the course of thinking pattern in such a way that it can help the person to deal with life’s course and curriculums.

Get involved and pick one hobby for your own good.

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Why a good hobby is important for a student?
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