YES! I am the CHANGE

Location : ALL INDIA

Category : Film making

Important Dates

Corporate & Not-for Profits date of Challenge: 23/07/2015
Corporate & Not-for Profits Registration Deadline: 2015-07-01
Students date of Challenge: 15/08/2015-19/08/2015
Students Registration Deadline: 2015-08-10
All Date of Challenge: 02/10/2015-06/10/2015
All Registration Deadline: 2015-09-25

YES! I am the CHANGE is a nationwide movement to inspire, engage and empower the youth to participate in India’s social transformation through the impactful medium of films. Most importantly, the process of participation and exposure to various social causes leads to the inner transformation of the youth, builds association with causes and makes them agents of change.

Website :


Scholarship Amount : INR 45 lakhs worth of grants for top teams across categories


Details about the exam :

In this, filmmakers and amateurs make short films on social causes which form an open repository of invaluable communication resources for use of Not-for-Profits

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