University CanSat Challenge

Location : All India

Category : Others

Important Dates

Pre Registration opens: September
Prelim Design Review : 42644
Critical Design Review: 42675
The launch schedule: 42736

The University CanSat Challenge , the biggest space challenge comes to India. ? The team is required to design the entire module comprising of systems like PayloadUnit, On Board Computer & Software Development, Telemetry & GPS Tracking,Command & Data Handling, Ground Station Control, Housekeeping & Descent Control,Power Unit & Circuitry, Structure & Payload Health Unit and others related. ? The main objective of the competition is to launch your designed payload to a certain altitude and put your system to real test environment with secondary objectives to acquire the payload data and perform given tasks. ? The payload design has to be done and procured by your team which will laterbe mounted on your fabricated structure model. We are looking for interesting and innovative payload concepts and the most innovative experiments will make it to top.

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Internship opportunity at ARDL and with other partners.

Scholarship Amount : Cash Prizes worth 25k to the winners Best Innovation Award, Best Software Award, Best Payload Award, Best Structure Award and more.

Scholarship Duration : One Time award.


Selection Criteria :

Teams shall be scored on all design reviews and deliverable items as well as the demonstration flight operations. Each deliverable shall contribute to the overall score according to the values listed in Table 2. Table 2: Summary of competition scoring Deliverable - % of Total Score Administration - 5 Preliminary Design Review - 15 Critical Design Review - 20 Flight Operations -40 Post Flight Review - 20 Each team shall receive a link to their scores for the competition. Scores will be updated within one week of completing the reviews. Questions related to scoring shall be addressed to the team mentor.

Details about the exam :

1. The first step of the launch is to load your structure/payload to the given casing of the launch vehicle which will deploy the CanSat at the given altitude. ? The CanSat (Cylinder of 10cm diameter-20cm height &500 grams weight) will be attached to the primary parachute's shrouds. 2. The Carrier has to begin transmitting live payload data to the ground station and thedata needs to be displayed graphically as well has to be stored on board for postprocessing of lost data. GPS tracking sequence also has to be initiated before thelaunch. 3. Upon reaching the final countdown and after launching, the Tracking team has to startmonitoring the trajectory of the CanSat and follow its t


Application Fees : ₹1000

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